Susan Braudy: Manhattan Voyeur: A Writer’s Journal

I’m Susan Braudy. Writer. Urban Voyeur. Streetwalker.

My beat is Manhattan. Even though I am an insider, this city always surprises.

On Manhattan sidewalks, and even in restaurants, people don’t notice when you cross the line between looking and staring.

When I hit our electric streets, I feel the bingo bam buzz, an instant adventure in thought, sites, sounds, and people coming at me. Models and murderers. Pets and kids. Okay, I’ve admitted I’m a voyeur. I love eavesdropping on intimate conversations in French, English, and a hundred languages I don’t speak. I love to write about New York city and its gems– hidden and in full view.

Even indoors, I am thrilled to look down on Central Park stretching out long like a rain forest as people and cars move in synchronicity.

Living in Manhattan is better than living by Niagara Falls or by the Grand Canyon.

Tsk, Tsk Ari, Rachel, and Lawrence at MSNBC

Three cheers to Bob Woodward for corroborating Michael Wolff’s brilliant expose of the mess in the Trump White House. I am really really glad Bob Woodward has written Fear.

It backs up Michael Wolff’s bombshell observations and insider quotes in his book, Fire and Fury. But alas, my favorite newspeople at MSNBC have jumped to praise Bob Woodward’s occasionally pedantic writing to compare Wolff’s book unfavorably with Woodward’s.

Woodward is being lauded in this news cycle as “meticulous.” Not necessarily a meticulous observation.

Back in 1982 when Janet Cooke turned a feature story to Washington Post brass including assistant managing editor Bob Woodward, he assumed her story was true. Woodward was the head of the Metro section at the Post and quickly promoted the 26-year-old Cooke to his elite team. Woodward recalls being blown away by Cooke’s story of an 8-year-old African-American heroin addict in the slums of D.C.

Woodward didn’t vet Cooke’s earlier drafts because he didn’t see any libel issues– “Jimmy,” the little boy in question, was anonymous.

Even though on a subsequent story about a prostitute Cooke could not produce her source.

Even though Woodward later realized no pusher would shoot up a child in the presence of a reporter.

Woodward and the other brass nominated Cooke for a Pulitzer, which Cooke won and subsequently returned, because “Jimmy” never existed, and her feature story was a fabrication.

“Janet had written a great piece,” Woodward later recalled. “This story was so well-written and tied together so well that my alarm bells simply didn’t go off. My skepticism left me. I was personally negligent.”

Today, desperate to invent a news cycle, TV talking heads mumble that Woodward has more experience writing about politics than my former colleague Michael Wolff.

It’s a toss-up: for years Wolff wrote about politics in a New York Magazine column that rocked the political landscape.

Let’s give credit where it is due.

Michael Wolff broke the Trump White House story, wrote it superbly and in break-neck speed.

Bob Woodward wrote the book that backed him up.

Bob Woodward is an expert. But he’s not the expert.

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Michael Wolff, Donald Trump, and #MeToo

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Michael Wolff is fearless and hugely talented with words. He’s also two steps ahead of the enemy. He writes what people think but are afraid to say. To survive as a democracy we desperately need more fearless reporters who write brilliantly, stand their ground and make Republicans sweat their asses off.

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