Susan Braudy: Manhattan Voyeur: A Writer’s Journal

I’m Susan Braudy. Writer. Urban Voyeur. Streetwalker.

My beat is Manhattan. Even though I am an insider, this city always surprises.

On Manhattan sidewalks, and even in restaurants, people don’t notice when you cross the line between looking and staring.

When I hit our electric streets, I feel the bingo bam buzz, an instant adventure in thought, sites, sounds, and people coming at me. Models and murderers. Pets and kids. Okay, I’ve admitted I’m a voyeur. I love eavesdropping on intimate conversations in French, English, and a hundred languages I don’t speak. I love to write about New York city and its gems– hidden and in full view.

Even indoors, I am thrilled to look down on Central Park stretching out long like a rain forest as people and cars move in synchronicity.

Living in Manhattan is better than living by Niagara Falls or by the Grand Canyon.

No Room In Manhattan Streets for Bicyclists

Bicyclists Get All the Breaks While I Just Get Broken

traffic light on red- STOP

The Sign Means “STOP!”

I accost police to ask why they’ve not ticketed a biker who ran a red light right in front of them. The police are evasive. As someone who was hit by a girl on a bike I am pissed.

How to Get Smarter: A Tip from Susan Braudy

A book recommendation from Susan Braudy to help you be smarter. Television is the New Television by Michael Wolff. About what’s up in the new and old media.

Tinnitus can be stopped

man holding his ears to block the sound of tinnitus

Tips For Living From Susan Braudy Joan Pfitzenmeyer, a savvy PT and Feldenkrais practitioner, told me a trick. I simply hum the note the ear is ringing and presto it stops ringing.  Also an ENT doctor can help by cleaning out wax.

Haughty Karl Lagerfeld

Drawing of Karl Lagerfeld

Haughtiness carries you to the finish line. It makes artists out of arrogant boobs. Isn’t it time someone pulled the plug on Karl Lagerfeld. He looks like a monster, a vampire. Or worse. What kind of taste must he have if he pulls himself together to look so creepy. Why is he an arbiter of…

Is Our Dave Letterman All Right?

The Late Show marquis

I keep wondering what Dave Letterman thinks about Donald Trump and his silly-ass presidential aspirations. I keep wondering if Dave Letterman is okay. I keep wondering what Dave is doing. Has someone taken cell phone photos of him at a shopping mall? Why can’t he email us?

Marco Rubio, Oy, He’ll Be My President

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio

I am not a cynic. I am an empiricist. Do the math. We’ve started electing people who are first and foremost telegenic (looking) and second who speak stirringly. We want Presidents who will be fun to watch on TV. Lots of fun. Sex appeal is another way to describe the winning phenomenon. Marco Rubio has…

Great Tips For Clothes Shopping in Manhattan

Today’s Secrets: Strawberry, J. Crew & Niketown Your Urban Voyeur is in a generous mood. So I’m imparting secrets gleaned from years of poking my nose in open shop doors. Strawberry is a gem!  J. Crew on Fifth at 15th Street is a bargain hunter dream come true!   And Niketown  is where your cool looking…

Attention PoliceCommissioner William Bratton: two weeks of police ticketing scofflaw cyclists won’t solve our outlaw bicycle problem

outlaw on a bicycle in NYC

Your Manhattan Voyeur is filled with sanctimony. Yes, I fancy myself an enforcer, a smug pillar of our community. It all started two months ago when i was knocked off my feet and onto 57th Street by a scofflaw bicyclist running a red light. The speeding miscreant didn’t even stop to see how I was….

Attention Commissioner William Bratton: Bicyclists Break Laws Endangering Pedestrians

This is supposed to be a pedestrian city. But the city has added a whole new amoral street element, preying on us pedestrians. Bicyclists must be made to obey traffic lights. A friend suggests confiscating bicycles of riders who go through traffic lights. Sometimes I shake my finger and tell the miscreant, “Stop, that’s a…

Don’t Leave Me Dave Letterman

Why is tv so formatted? Why does a late-night tv host have to have a desk? Why must a late-night host do five shows a week? Why can’t Dave do one or two shows a week? Indeed they needn’t even be late night shows. Jerry Seinfeld who seems like the nicest person will be appearing…