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Attention Mayor Bloomberg: Watch “Changing Minds at Concord High School”

Mindfulness Rocks!

Attention Mayor Bloomberg:
…and the Academy Award for Best Documentary Goes to a Feel-Great Film That  Demonstrates Life Changes at Concord High School After students learn Mindfulness techniques

The other night a schoolteacher friend dragged me to a …

I Hate Verizon. I Like AT&T

My First Cellphone

Your voyeur recently purchased her first cell phone.  I’d gotten by nicely cadging other people’s phones when I needed,  But when a doorman wouldn’t reveal the room number of a physical therapist I wanted to visit I …


Why do we in the US feel we must be always happy?  That throbbing vein in our culture renders us jealous and sore.

Why?  Because  it’s impossible.  I bet we scarf down more anti-depressants than people in other countries.

Other …

Kate Middleton: A Jewish Arse Astride The Throne of England

A wise Israeli friend tells me Kate Middleton’s  mother Carole Goldsmith has a Jewish mother.  By Jewish law, if Mrs. Middleton’s mom’s Jewish, Mrs. Middleton’s Jewish.

And since Kate’s mom’s Jewish, Kate herself’s Jewish.

Thus Kate’s offspring will be Jewish. …

Be All You Can Be: live green and clean and inexpensively

baskets of apples and squash

Your Manhattan Voyeur soaks up strategies for living a good life

1 Pops of intense color should be in your best tsotchkes, paintings, or even better in flowers. These grab the eye ( as it were) and draw attention away …

So Manhattan Friends: Let’s Trump Martha Stewart

yellow apple on white plate

Your Manhattan Voyeur’s lean mean strategies for a clean green life


1. Liquid dishwashing soap’s healthier than dry cleaning for food stains on your favorite indoor sweater. Cheaper too. Rub it in, add warm water, rub again and rinse. …

The Poodle Puppy From Hell and The Stealthy Kitty

black poodle puppy next to some colored pencils

In winter months your Manhattan Voyeur turns a sharp eye on the beings with whom I share my indoor landscape.

Ten African violets notice no season change.  They bloom away, a sweet garden.  I know just how much water and …

It Ain’t Just Christmas That’s Commercialized

gift box with dollar signs on the wrapping

Why do people kvetch about the commercializing of Christmas?

Our entire society has become totally commercial.  Shopping has become synonymous with enjoyment  People figure that accruing stuff is the driving force of their lives.

I feel the pull–although my bailiwick …

Guns and the Ideal of Violence

young man pointing hand like a gun

Time to Grow Up, America

I love Frank Rich’s analysis of our gun problems. He says we’re going to have to grow up about the issue like we grew up as a nation about slavery–educate ourselves. It’s true that our …

Secret Rivals Spill Beans

The brilliant Edward Jay Epstein told me years ago that Watergate was revealed to us because  FBI people were competing with the CIA. Rival bureaucracies.  Isn’t it perfectly obvious that the FBI is again churning the waters by de-throning the …