Susan Braudy: Manhattan Voyeur: A Writer’s Journal

I’m Susan Braudy. Writer. Urban Voyeur. Streetwalker.

My beat is Manhattan. Even though I am an insider, this city always surprises.

On Manhattan sidewalks, and even in restaurants, people don’t notice when you cross the line between looking and staring.

When I hit our electric streets, I feel the bingo bam buzz, an instant adventure in thought, sites, sounds, and people coming at me. Models and murderers. Pets and kids. Okay, I’ve admitted I’m a voyeur. I love eavesdropping on intimate conversations in French, English, and a hundred languages I don’t speak. I love to write about New York city and its gems– hidden and in full view.

Even indoors, I am thrilled to look down on Central Park stretching out long like a rain forest as people and cars move in synchronicity.

Living in Manhattan is better than living by Niagara Falls or by the Grand Canyon.

Robert Kalich’s Review of Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary

The following is an excerpt from novelist Robert Kalich‘s review of Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary (on Amazon now):

In my small opinion I think Susan Braudy wrote a masterpiece. Thoroughly enjoyed the effort for so many reasons…Delicious. Entertaining. Profound.

Incredibly researched and stylistically perfect. How she did it I will never fathom. Susan Braudy transplanted her mind and soul into another’s life and time. She accomplished something that I am astonished by…
Kick is fabulous and Braudy gave her a tribute for the ‘#metoo’ crowd to live with, admire and enjoy.
I loved this book.

New Historical Fiction: Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary

Happy Valentine’s Day. Check out my new “Kick”-ass novel Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary which details the rebellious romances and political heroics of JFK’s very popular outspoken younger sister, “Kick” Kennedy. She fights to be independent of her famous family in World War II London. When Kick defies her rigid mother and accepts a marriage proposal…

Shame on Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York

Our Manhattan streets are a sorry mess. No longer the Camelot brought to us by Mayor Bloomberg. Bicycles make crossings a matter of peril. I was hit by a cyclist who like every cyclist I’ve ever seen doesn’t obey traffic lights. These scofflaws should be ticketed. I walk wide circles around trash cans overflowing onto…

Nudity in the Hamptons, Nudity in Euphoria, Nudity the Last Taboo?

A quiet revolution in human body display is taking place. The New York Times reported without comment a Hamptons party that included naked models. Euphoria, the television show, is giving the penis (heh heh) its moment. Hithertofor nudity was pretty much on the elevated plane of high art. What’s next?

A Tale of Two Mayors: Bill De Blasio and Michael Bloomberg

Manhattan streetscapes tell a peculiar story. Automobiles are shining clean, the air is neutral and clean. I catch myself breathing deeply in our streets. These amazing situations are due to Michael Bloomberg’s amazing legislation and caretaking. The sidewalks tell another story–a more recent story. Walking around trash cans is icky. Food containers, newspapers, and discarded…

Tsk, Tsk Ari, Rachel, and Lawrence at MSNBC

Three cheers to Bob Woodward for corroborating Michael Wolff’s brilliant expose of the mess in the Trump White House. I am really really glad Bob Woodward has written Fear. It backs up Michael Wolff’s bombshell observations and insider quotes in his book, Fire and Fury. But alas, my favorite newspeople at MSNBC have jumped to…

Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary

Let me tell you a little about my new labor of love. I’m excited to write that my upcoming historical fiction romance novel is called Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary. All I can say (without bragging too much) is I really really enjoy this book. Reading it still makes me cry with Kick over her great…

What Doctors Don’t Tell You

piled up stones

The best health magazine in the world is called What Doctors Don’t Tell You. It gives us no-nonsense ways to keep healthy through gentle sensible strategies. You can buy it at Whole Foods and then subscribe. It’s published in England and I guess it’s naturopathic, but not far out. This month’s issue explains the Feldenkrais…

Crooked Donald Trump

Donald Trump: crooked, mad man

Proving to Trump supporters that crooked Donnie is unfit for office is impossible. They knew they were voting for a criminal. Trump told them as much when he said he wouldn’t lose a vote if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. He knew they knew they were voting for a crook. The only…

Tips For Living Inexpensively in Manhattan

First of many tips for buying inexpensive fashion shirts in Manhattan.