It Ain’t Just Christmas That’s Commercialized

gift box with dollar signs on the wrapping

There’s more to life than stuff- Image courtesy of Feelart at

Why do people kvetch about the commercializing of Christmas?

Our entire society has become totally commercial.  Shopping has become synonymous with enjoyment  People figure that accruing stuff is the driving force of their lives.

I feel the pull–although my bailiwick is thrift shops.

But here’s what your Manhattan Voyeur loves best–I love writing and reading and great exchanges with people I love.  I also love Manhattan street life and my own private pathways and of course the splendor in the trees of Central Park.  And my pets too.

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  1. Trudy
    January 3, 2017 | 2:00 am

    What courage you have! I cannot imagine going out without make up. No one would recognize me;a0238&.#nd then again maybe going without make up could be a good thing.

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