Armageddon Hits Barney’s Men’s Department

The world is coming to an end. Truly.

I was checking out Barney’s men’s department to see what merch people are knocking off to sell in my price bracket. I like to look at men’s socks–sometimes Barney’s has sales, and since the more feminine men’s socks don’t sell well, they’re marked down–a lot. Anyway, to make a long story short–there in the deserted, hushed sock department, a stone’s throw from pajamas and bathrobes, I faced Armageddon.

The very walls started to crumble as I picked up a pair of lovely paisley socks marked Etro, bright red and turquoise, and casually flicked up the price tag. I expected to see the socks marked $40 or $45 at most. But I was way off.

The socks are priced at $180.00. Now I find it unbelievable and worrisome and horrible that any man can justify spending that kind of money on a pair of socks. Such vanity. I bet Etro socks will cost $200–in the not too distant future. What might Karl Marx say? What might Marie Antoinette say? I guess I know what Mitt Romney might say. All I can say is Eeek. ( By the way, I buy my socks at the MOMA design store in bundles of six for $18. These are recycled Japanese socks in Missoni-like patterns. Check ”em out. The price is fair.)


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