6 of the Best Insider Cleaning Tips for Clothing

The Simplest of Ingredients Do the Trick

1.Your Manhattan Voyeur likes to eat while reading a book.  So dry cleaning blouses and sweaters could become an expensive necessity. Fear no more.  Dishwashing liquid and a little COLD water AND a good rub take out every stain I’ve inflicted on treasured clothing.

2. Mme. Cadollle, a formidable fourth generation Parisian designer and executrix of hand made lingerie told me that silk underthings will last forever (barring hurricanes etc.) if washed in cold water and SHAMPOO.

3. The delicate cycle of your washing machine does a great job and extends the life of garments.

4. Whenever plausible avoid the dryer. Hanging out blouses after buttoning them prolongs their life as well.

5. Baking soda is the miracle cleaner when it comes to whites.  My oldest white shirt sprang back to life with a hefty

addition of baking soda.  My washable white rug became new again under baking soda’s tender hand.

6.  Go easy on laundry detergent. If your clothes smell of it when the washing cycle is finished, you’re using too much.

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