Mayor Michael Bloomberg Saves Our Place In The Paris Accord and Indeed Our Planet

Behind the news stories of his anti-gun efforts, his cutting back on poisonous emissions in our New York streets that prolong my life span, are startling examples of Bloomberg’s quiet philanthropy.

michael bloomberg photo

Whether he’s paying for part of Randall’s island stadium or art projects for underfunded public schools, he rarely seeks public acclaim.  When he hands over his million dollar checks he frequently puts a forefinger to his lips indicating he’s a secret donor.

Sometime last week I heard he told our European allies to pay no attention to Trump’s anti-climate change remarks.

Trump decided to pull out of the Paris accord with much fanfare.

Quietly today, National Public Radio reported that Bloomberg is writing one of his checks for 15 million dollars to keep the United States in the game.

Why oh why isn’t Bloomberg our President?

Photo by Be the Change, Inc.

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