How to Get Smarter: A Tip from Susan Braudy

The Turmoil and the Players in the Old and New Media

A book recommendation:

Television Is The New Television is the superb new book by my old colleague Michael Wolff.  It’s the bible of contemporary media–streaming, broadcasting and above all COMPETING.

(Even though he rarely acknowledges it, I was the first to publish Wolff in the controversial Men’s Column in Ms. magazine.  Controversial because colleagues like Gloria Steinem felt our pages should only be devoted to the women’s struggle whereas I thought the effects of our movement on men was worth chronicling from time to time.)

Returning to Michael’s excellent book.

Buy it. Read it.  It’s truly worth reading to learn about the turmoil and the players in the so-called new and old media.

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  1. Marshall brickman
    April 17, 2016 | 4:44 am

    Nice surprise to read in THE WEEK, .Susan’s excerpt about l’affaire Hef, in which he demonstrates quantum editing, a rare accomplishment in which you can be simultaneously in two opposite positions editorially or philosophically and not even bother to apologize. As I read it, Schrödinger’s cat, who was visiting for the weekend, sar on the desk and smiled.

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