Be All You Can Be: live green and clean and inexpensively

Your Manhattan Voyeur soaks up strategies for living a good life

1 Pops of intense color should be in your best tsotchkes, paintings, or even better in flowers. These grab the eye ( as it were) and draw attention away from lesser stuff.

2 Indoor gardeners, hear ye, hear ye. A great garden consists of beds of the SAME plant. An indoor flower bed

baskets of apples and squash

An indoor celebration of color and good taste

makes your room into a sumptuous garden. And plants love eachother’s company. My fifteen African violets bloom shamelessly with help from fertilizer. They remind me of “a violet by a mossy stone half hidden from the eye” except that my fat blossoming sweethearts flaunt large bouquets of purple flowers. The trick: never water African violets directly. Once a week I pour water in the saucer, let the plant suck it up for a half hour and then discard leftover water.

3 Limited buses are as almost as fast as taxis in Manhattan. They speed merrily along in clear empty (by law) bus lanes and make few stops. This tip comes from a kind harried taxi driver, and believe me at first I didn’t believe him, but this taxi princess is becoming an habitué of #5– a pleasant above ground touring vehicle that leaps from midtown west to the Village.

4 Your vet is a member of your extended family. But do check out the inexpensive services of the Humane Society when bills overwhelm.

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