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I just made a day indeed worth living.  The fun was watching Jerry Seinfeld’s sublime creation: he picks up a fellow comedian and drives to get  coffee.  Treat yourself by finding him and his friends on  It’s all about Jerry Seinfeld and his relaxed presence talking to people he likes.

Watching him settles the mind into a state of grace.

When Jerry hits his groove, nothing in our entire culture is better.

I have precious few regrets.  One of them is not moving into the building Jerry later moved  into   My days would be graced by bumping into him in the elevator and in the lobby. I sometimes  see him walking Central Park West and he smiles genuinely as he passes.

In Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry  picks up pals one at a time–pals such as Alec Baldwin, David Letterman, Larry David, and Carl Reiner.  They tool around and chat sweetly off the cuff, yes, sweetly and honestly, as they go for coffee.

Everybody’s super- interesting and honest in Jerry’s benign company.  After Jerry and Letterman ( with white weekend beard stubble) complain about the noise level in the diner, Jerry says something like, nothing we can we do, we don’t own the place.  Letterman comments mildly,  Yeah but we can fix that.

They are two of the brightest guys on the planet and they could make me chortle or at least smile knowingly if they were reciting  hurricane warnings.  Their inflections and timing and desire to please are that transcendent.

Alec Baldwin, the professional scamp and masterly conversationalist, comes from Masapequa as does Jerry.  Baldwin mutters angrily that Jerry is much more successful than he is.  He growls at Seinfeld with envy: it’s been green lights for you the whole way.

Jerry asks Baldwin to define success, and Alec mutters again angrily, something like, it’s when everybody bows down as you enter a room.

No point in detailing more great lines and interactions.  Except to note that Larry David and Seinfeld break each other up in such a great way.  (I wonder if weed is involved.) They have in-jokes upon in- jokes.

You got to be there.

Go there.  Go there soon.  It’s beats having more money in your bank account.








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