Don’t Bank at J.P. Morgan Chase. Chase Mugs Clients.

Too Big to Jail

hand taking $100 bills out of a pocket

Fleecing us softly

It started last week when I was mugged by a black man with a protruding stomach on the Madison Avenue bus. I couldn’t figure out why he was bumping his stomach into me– hard– over and over.  Turns out he was also stealing my wallet.

Then I was mugged seven more times by J.P.Morgan Chase bank.

Moments after my wallet was stolen on the bus, I began trying to alert my bank.  I spent one! hour! on the telephone trying to contact Chase but instead I was repeatedly put on hold and then disconnected.

The next day I went to Chase,  closed my my account and opened a new one.

In that meeting Chase officials never mentioned any outstanding checks on my closed account.  I assumed outstanding checks I’d written would be drawn against my new account.I did tell them that some of my blank Chase checks may have been stolen.

In the following days, I was mugged by Chase yet again.

Chase systematically bounced six outstanding checks I’d written before my wallet was stolen on the old closed account.The bank was too big and too busy to protect my interests. They  never bothered to contact me when people tried to cash outstanding checks I’d written.

A quick  email or telephone call from them would have verified that I’d written these six checks and fixed everything.  Instead the bank bounced the six checks. Returned them for insufficient funds.

Furthermore, they made no attempt to see if the checks they bounced were being cashed by the thug who stole my purse.  If they suspected the checks were being cashed by crooks, they should have tried to trap said crook instead of just bouncing the checks.

Unlike Chase bank, I behave responsibly.  I paid the bounced check fees for people who tried to cash checks I’d written.  The cost to me in money  was $100.  The cost to me in humiliation was a lot more.

My muggings by Chase and the bus mugger cost me a lot in stress and a hundred dollars.

Buyer beware.

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