Dump Trump: Independents Can Vote Against Trump In Republican Primaries

Do Your Duty to this Country

Donald Trump scares me.  He stands for the Devils of our natures.

I propose a Dump Trump movement.

This is how it will go down: us registered Democrats and independents won’t mind if Hillary or Bernie wins a primary.

We can vote in Republican primaries AGAINST Mr. Trump. I will vote for John  Kasich.

It’s a lowdown scheme, but Trump would do a lot worse to our country.

I can’t understand his appeal.

Some Personal Recollections of Donald Trump

I remember watching him use his date as a battering ram to push his way to the front of a VIP movie screening. Then I watched him in profile talk his date’s ear off throughout the entire movie.

But that’s not my worst memory. I was working for Michael Douglas when he was given an award by the National Board of Review for his role in the film Wall Street.  Donald Trump was courting Michael at the time and Michael asked Trump to introduce him at the awards ceremony.

I had a minor fit saying telling Michael he was a serious artist and Trump was a buffoon with crap values. So Michael asked Trump to bow out and then Michael asked Glenn Close his co-star in Fatal Attraction to do the honors.

The night off the awards ceremony, Trump was in the audience.

When it came time to introduce Michael Douglas, Glenn Close stood.  Before she could  get to the podium, Trump almost knocked her down as he rushed to the microphone to introduce Michael Douglas.

A vote against Trump is an act of philanthropy.

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