Is Fidel Dead? And if so when did he die?

Am I the only person who is suspicious of Fidel Castro’s final exit from the world stage?

Fidel Castro photo

Did he really just die right after our presidential election? Or did he mastermind a fake death. How could he have resisted manipulating news of his death?

The man is a political genius, out-manoeuvering the U.S. at every turn. I’d assumed that the transfer of power from Castro to his successor would be a bloody horror with the U.S. playimg a ghastly role.  I even wrote a screenplay to that effect for Martin Scorsese.  But I underestimated Fidel.

He stealthily  became a recluse, so that no one could ever be sure if he was alive
or dead.  The transfer of power took place while he was alive.

Are his ashes really being carted around Cuba?  If so, they don’t prove he just died, do they?

Photo by Adi ALGhanem


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