Fifty Shades of Sexual Dysfunction

Brilliant intellectual men who worry about the book business point to instantly huge sales of the Fifty Shades of Grey books (50-50 ebooks vs tangible books) as the latest example of the power of the social network.

Before generalizing, however, I’d have ask them  to analyze the humongous male porn internet phenomenon. Maybe the female counterpart to the porn for men are these equally unrealistic books that titillate by stoking fires of female masochism.  Bodice ripping pain in romance novels is the safer format for such masochism.

Traditionally women suffer far more over love lost than men.  Maybe I should check out the Shades of Grey books that no woman of my acquaintance will admit to having liked. Is this denial an example of  female masochism as well?

I think of the way a male cat bites as part of coitus.  Are we doomed. Or are these books some kind of safe throwback, a stepping stone in disguise–if you will– toward true emancipation from the pains of romantic love.

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