Manhattan Streetwalker's Serendipitous Discoveries

Sixth Avenue around 27th street wholesale stores where I buy my chic winter bombers’ jacket and matching hat for $39.  Artisans on display in the Museum of Art and Design store.  A study that shows finding a great shopping bargain lights up a woman’s brain like impending sex.  Whole Foods prepared food bars are better than restaurants and you can eat in the mellow surroundings you’ve created for yourself, i.e. your home.

The Streetwalker’s journal spans several  themes:

  • People: Fascinating, sung and unsung. The most interesting people in the world live here.  Famous and not.  I can spot celebrities better than a Hollywood agent.  I love listening to intimate conversations.
  • Things: Great art in out of the way places. Parades of black people who dress and wear clothes better than anybody. Special treasure troves of things for sale, serendipitously discovered.Like a true New Yorker, I see no need to go anywhere else.
  • Places:  Like a true New Yorker, I see no need to go anywhere else.
  • Reflections: Like wishing the streets could be air conditioned in the summer, and sidewalks could be warmed in the winter.  At least in Midtown.
  • Streetwalking: Exercise that costs nothing and stimulates every bone in your body.   The act and process of taking in the city on foot.