I Hate Verizon. I Like AT&T

My First Cellphone

Your voyeur recently purchased her first cell phone.  I’d gotten by nicely cadging other people’s phones when I needed,  But when a doorman wouldn’t reveal the room number of a physical therapist I wanted to visit I joined the plugged-in horde.

Man overwhelmed by technology juggling cellphone and laptop

Technology!!! Oleg Kozlov | Dreamstime.com

Since I own an iPad I was counseled to purchase a simple phone.  At the Verizon store on west 57th Street I felt assaulted by chaos. A young woman who kept wiping her dripping nose with her fingertips told me to purchase a phone for $127.  At the last minute she added an extra hundred dollars to the price.  I was almost defeated, but I managed to get myself out of there.

I walked three blocks downtown to the nearest AT&T store.  Yes, one man behind the counter had a runny nose.  But I went to the opposite side of the store, found a calm sales person, and purchased a phone for $127.


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