Mayor Bloomberg for a Third Term

Three cheers for Mayor Bloomberg, although he doesn’t need my three cheers. I’m sure he cheers for himself quite competently.

He handles emergencies like the Gestapo, only this time he made the trains stop. I will be so sorry to see another man as our mayor.  Bloomberg has vision, competence and authority. I can’t believe he told President Obama not to show up in New York, but he was absolutely correct.  The traffic was snarled enough today without problems accompanying a presidential visit.

Now if Bloomberg would only open his heart to our union workers, I’d nominate him for sainthood, and I’d circulate petitions begging him to stay another term.

Isn’t he a stitch when he talks Spanish.  His hauteur is such that he doesn’t even attempt a change of accent. I know many Brits do the same when they speak French.
Vive le Bloomie.

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