Republicans in the dust? Not so fast.

Your Manhattan Voyeur worries about the upcoming Presidential election.  Look, I don’t like to say I’m a liberal.  I take life issue by issue.  I’m progressive on some issues, perplexed by others, and sometimes I’m conservative or even radical. But I fail to understand how the Republicans can misspeak and err without taking big-time hits in voter polls.

Maybe people are just unhappy with their financial lives and will simply vote for someone who is the unObama.  Maybe Obama won because he was perceived as the opposite of President Bush.  Maybe what we long for is the old American Dream that allows us to long for glamorous, but philandering even priapic President John Kennedy, who wouldn’t last a  minute under today’s press scrutiny that tortured Bill Clinton for misdeeds with Monica Lewinsky.  (John Kennedy wore a microphone at the wedding celebration of his brother Ted to poor Joan,and JFK was recorded advising his brother that marriage didn’t mean he should stop screwing around.)

I was never viscerally struck by Obama.  My mind always wanders during his speeches — somewhat cold and the cadences repetitive.  My nephew David Orr says the man isn’t sexy.  But I think our president has tuned that aspect of himself way way down–in his public persona.  I think he senses that he’d be threatening–as a (somewhat) black man– if he got too jazzy.  (Although when he sang at the Apollo theater–whooah, look out baby. )

I pray he won’t be a one-term president.  You’d think these Republicans would be  ?in the dust by now–because of the gaffes and insincere speeches.

I’m terrified.  Why are they still in the game?

I wonder about Chris Matthews.  I guess he feels he has to be entertaining,sometimes he acts as if the Republicans are one big hoot.  Just a joke.  Chris, please, this is serious.  President Bush messed things up.  Use your podium.  Fight harder.  Show up on other shows to reach more people.

What can I do?

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  1. marcia
    June 28, 2012 | 6:24 pm

    Romney is a serial liar. He fits right in with our corrupt political system. Scary and sad. But true.

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