A New Seinfeld After All These Years

chocolate heart cancy

The sheer joy of a chocolate morsel and a Seinfeld episode never seen before.

Did you ever have a really great day and want to savor it. Well, my most recent great day was punctuated by an event that just blissed me out. I was flipping channels: nothing interested me. But then suddenly I passed a Seinfeld rerun. “Elaine” had the long hair, so I knew this was an early episode. I watched a few seconds while Jerry and she flirted on the sofa. Then I realized: holy crap, this is one I never saw before. I adjusted the tv to watch it smiling from the beginning.

It starts when “Elaine” and “Jerry” recall they once slept together, he says, “about 20 times”. She corrects him “37 times” and because neither of them is seeing anyone, they decide to renew their sexual relationship, this time without romantic strings. But inevitably, she doesn’t like it when he doesn’t stay over and soon they’re having the whole nine yards again.

It was like eating a great piece of chocolate: sweet, and not too sweet.

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